Ravoshia Gets Deemed Next To Blow In The Music Industry, Will She Really Take Over?

Ravoshia Gets Deemed Next To Blow In The Music Industry, Will She Really Take Over?

Ravoshia’s latest headline over the past weekend was being co-signed the “Next to Blow” by Hip Hop Weekly, one of the most prominent sources in the music industry today. The recording artist is lighting up the world due to her new found notoriety, and becoming an impactful hit sensation in the midst of Covid-19. Pronounced as Raa-vash-shia, the question is will she really live up to these claims? Well she certainly has all the right ingredients to be the next big superstar.

First off her latest musical release Fashion Killa has sparked up a ton of regard worldwide. There’s been talks of it being one of those records similar to the Billboard charting hit Truth Hearts by Lizzo, meaning Ravoshia initially released this song some time ago with very little impact. However, now it’s a totally different story playing out for the artist. She is making headlines all over especially in the United Kingdom touching many with her out of the box and stylish image.

It’s hard to believe that she had been overlooked in the past, because of how much star power she exhibits. I guess sometimes it takes the right records for music artists nowadays in the industry to receive well deserved recognition. Of course, it is a tough cut throat industry and can be hard for most to emerge to such heights. On the other hand, for her to achieve so much in such a little time, proves to be the prime example of a breakout star and maybe potentially an icon.

David Hammond

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