Rivian has now created a little more than 1,000 electric vehicles

  • 12-January-2022

Rivian reported that it has now created a little more than 1,000 electric vehicles, predominantly its R1T electric pickup truck, since it began delivering them in September.

Subsequent to beginning creation in September, the automaker had been directing creation of about 1,200 vehicles in 2021.

In any case, in the wake of delivering its very first profit report in the wake of opening up to the world, Rivian cautioned that some creation issues would bring about missing the objective by "a few hundred vehicles".

Today, Rivian affirmed that it wound up creating 1,015 vehicles and delivering 920 vehicles last year:

“Rivian Automotive, Inc. produced 1,015 vehicles by the end of 2021. 920 vehicles were delivered by that date.”

The automaker didn't stall the creation by model, yet most are relied upon to be R1T electric pickup trucks.

There ought to likewise be a few electric delivery vans for Amazon and a small bunch of R1S electric SUVs.

Simultaneously, Rivian likewise affirmed that Rod Copes, its chief operating officer, has resigned from the organization:

“Rod began a phased retirement from Rivian several months ago, affording the team continuity as we moved toward production ramp.”

Copes, a long-time Harley Davidson executive, had joined Rivian early in 2020.

The result is just baffling on the grounds that it's down from Rivian's own guidance, however it's really not awful as I would see it.

Producing cars, or for this case trucks, with huge number of exceptional parts is very complicated.

Sloping up to 1,000 units in your initial three months of production is noteworthy.

Clearly, the organization should increase much more to accomplish a positive gross margin and be financially sustainable, yet nobody anticipated that it should be there at this point.

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