Selldretti’s New Single Claims Top Spot on iTunes Top 100 Charts

Selldretti’s New Single Claims Top Spot on iTunes Top 100 Charts

On April 21, 2021 Selldretti’s new single Composure, which wasreleased just a week prior, claimed the #1 position on the iTunes Top 100 Hip-Hop/Rap Charts and the #2 position on the iTunes Top 100 Pop Charts. Not only is this a huge accolade to add to his young career, it is also key to note that he accomplished this achievement outside the United States. Getting a song on the charts of any major music source is very competitive as the charts update in real time multiple times a day, hence there are many sources that keep track of the many times charts change.  Selldretti was notified of the news by his promotion team, when he received the news the first thing he did was thank God for his many blessings. “When I found out, I stopped what I was doing and said a prayer to God for always standing by my side because I couldn’t have done this without him covering me,” says the Selldretti Music CEO.

Marked in History

What makes this achievement very notable and impressive is that Selldretti is an independent artist, and making it to the mainstream level is extremely difficult for independent artists especially when they do not have the tools and resources that major label artists have at their disposal.  With that being said, any serious artist, independent or not, can see a lot of success in their music success if they have the work ethic and dedication to their craft, according to Selldretti. “I do believe that being an independent artist is a lot of hurdles to climb, but if an artist stay persistent, continue to build their brand and push out quality content on a consistent basis, success will always be there for the earning,” the Columbus, Ga native states. When an artist charts on iTunes or any major music source, they are able to commemorate that achievement via database history and a customized music award. “Since I am independent I have to figure out how to get a plaque made because this is a huge accomplishment for me,” says Selldretti. Selldretti is planning to use this milestone as motivation to reach higher goals not only in the music industry but in business as well as he is the owner of his own merchandise store on his website. He is also a partner of the finance agency Affirm, which allows eligible customers to pay for their merchandise over time to fit their specific budgets.

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