Shah- one of the youngest and ambitious rappers of the modern times:

  • 02-July-2021

The world has been witnessing the dominance of hip-hop culture for decades, as the culture is widely preferred and favoured by millions of people globally. The hip hop culture has evolved itself as an art and unfolded itself every year, it is a wide community that has been witnessing the growth of various young and passionate artists from all parts of the world, hip hop has emerged into one of the influential factors driving great force and giving a push to all the artist in the world, it has come around and has changed the whole world and even the lives of millions of people. Similarly, Hip hop has changed the lifestyle of one of the youngest and proficient rappers popular by the name of Shah. Hailing from Belgium, he was fostered in Borgerhout and at just 21, has over a million views in just 10 months since his debut. 

From a very young age, Shah was highly passionate and was wholly confident and focused on his career and has been humble since the first day. Shah has always believed that school will never teach its students how to survive in life, instead, it always teaches one to work under someone, he has always tried to achieve success staying independent and following what his heart says, he believes in this world, everybody's running in the race but nobody's chasing their dreams, despite not having an academically accomplished background, he has defeated all the odds in his journey and has succeeded in all his endeavors, and has come a long way through and has developed into an accomplished and well-established self-made man. 

Shah always had a positive approach towards life and has handled every difficult situation by being zen (method of practicing peace and mindfulness through meditation) and maintaining his peace of mind.  He has always idolized Tupac Amaru Shakur who is considered to be the most accomplished and noteworthy American rapper and is regarded to be the greatest rapper of all time. The journey, musical style, and actions in the music industry of Tupac Shakur have always motivated him through thick and thin. He came into the limelight of the whole world when he garnered over one million views on the Dutch music platforms which he has achieved within ten months. Shah has always stated and has stuck to his principles "Follow your path, never let someone tell you which path you have to take!". He has been inspiring millions of aspiring music artists who tend to pursue a career in music.

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