The difference between entrepreneurship and business According to Masoud Coverlet, entrepreneur and owner of the Coverlet brand

The difference between entrepreneurship and business According to Masoud Coverlet, entrepreneur and owner of the Coverlet brand

Sometimes the question arises for people, what is the difference between a person from my business and an entrepreneur. A real entrepreneur has the ability to see a situation and discover its potential opportunities. Or even see a problem and solve it in a war with that problem. To better understand this, let’s review a real memory and draw conclusions from it.

A man and his wife were walking in New York to buy a hat in the Thompson area. The wife entered the store and bought her favorite hat to attend a conference. The seller offered a suitable box so that the hat would not be damaged. The unique boxes of this hat shop along with the insurance that covered this hat were an amazing subject.

She had an interesting contract with a boxing company to buy boxes suitable for hats that prevented any damage to them.

Now suppose that if this lady were just an ordinary hat shop owner and in fact a businessman, she would not care about the breakdown and future sales of her product, and only this could be your understanding ability to know a real entrepreneur.

The entrepreneur actually subconsciously creates entrepreneurship and employment not only for himself but also for other companies, and this stimulates the global entrepreneurial and startup community, but it may be that a businessman or an ordinary salesman is only pursuing his own personal interests and greater profits. Consider.

Naturally, what we say in the entrepreneurship roadmap is not necessarily similar to or an alternative to what is taught as entrepreneurship in the country’s universities; Rather, it is an attempt to respond to the concerns and challenges that have been gained by gathering and analyzing the opinions and views of complementary friends.

People often ask me what is the definition of an entrepreneur in my opinion? I think what they really want to know is the quality that sets a real entrepreneur apart from other businessmen. I have thought a lot about this and concluded my research by concluding that if I were to limit an entrepreneur’s ability to one feature, it would be the ability to see different issues in a business. A real entrepreneur can look at a situation and find an opportunity or a solution to a problem, or create a path around obstacles that for some reason others have not seen and thereby missed the opportunity.

An investor is a person who invests his capital in a business in the hope of earning the expected return.

In this way, it can be said that the only risk an investor takes is financial risk, which means that it does not reach the expected return (and may even incur large losses at times, for example, it may not receive its principal).

But in addition to financial risk, the entrepreneur accepts other risks such as social, prestige and the like, so the entrepreneur is exposed to and accept the wider risks that he accepted these risks in order to be able to use personal capital or Shame creators create value and start a business.

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