The TOP 50 List of the Second Screening on BPAA is released

  • 02-September-2022

A few days ago, the track semi-finals of the Second Screening on Best Practices of Applied Algorithms (BPAA), hosted by the Office of the Organizing Committee of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, supported by the People's Government of Shanghai Putuo District, and undertaken by Shanghai AI Industry Association and Dataway, ended successfully, and the TOP 10 of the five major tracks successfully advanced to the track finals. On August 24, the Organizing Committee of the Second Screening on Best Practices of Applied Algorithms (BPAA) officially released "TOP 50 List of the Second Screening on Best Practices of Applied Algorithms (BPAA)".On the whole, the Second Screening on BPAA Global TOP 50 algorithm project closely follows the theme of algorithm industrialization development, highlights the effectiveness of algorithm application with innovation and implementation, and effectively contributes to industrial application.   In the online arena of the track semi-finals, the algorithm project team competed in the five major tracks of public algorithm, financial algorithm, medical algorithm, industrial algorithm, and commercial algorithm, fully showing the charm of the world's cutting-edge algorithms. The judges of the track semi-finals said that the algorithm application project of the Second Screening on BPAA has three major highlights. First, the typical demonstration scenes cover a wide range. Each track focuses on more subdivided scene areas, with low overlap and prominent highlights, and with solutions for specific problems; Second, the algorithm innovation is further strengthened. The machine vision, voiceprint recognition, multimodal biological anti-counterfeiting, anomaly detection algorithm LOF and other algorithm models are emerging, and show a good logical explanation in the application process; Third, paying more attention to data security and algorithm responsibility, which has been fully considered and explained with specific solutions and countermeasures.   Welcome to the BPAA algorithm team in Putuo Jointly promote the development of algorithm industrialization   The participating teams said that the Second Screening on BPAA gave rich policy support conditions and welfare rewards, and felt the strength of BPAA as a WAIC brand event and its support for the algorithm application team. As the government support organization of the two BPAA competitions, the People's Government of Shanghai Putuo District hopes to attract more outstanding algorithm teams and new-generation digital technology companies' fundraising projects to land here, and jointly promote the vigorous development of algorithm industrialization.   On the one hand, Putuo District provides a lot of financial support to encourage more algorithm-related enterprises and businesses to take root here. For example, Putuo District starts from the demand side and supply side of digital transformation, and at the end of 2021, it released the city's first district-level special policy for digital transformation, the Opinions on the Implementation of Supporting Digital Transformation and Development, which concludes a one-time subsidy of up to 1 million yuan upon confirmation to the digital economy functional headquarters, R&D centers and open innovation platforms registered in the district; for well-known domestic and foreign open source communities, algorithm and code hosting platforms and related open source organizations settled in Putuo, the issues concerned the establishment and the handling of value-added telecommunications services will be given priority support. The Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Intelligent Software Industry in Putuo District focuses on ten directions including supporting industrial agglomeration development, reducing enterprise operating costs, supporting independent R&D transformation, supporting enterprise capability improvement, encouraging major technological breakthroughs, supporting the construction of scientific and technological research and development platforms, supporting the construction of professional institutions, supporting the scientific and technological carrier construction, supporting for achievement experience display, and supporting the creation of industrial atmosphere, and gives the maximum subsidy of no more than 5 million yuan to qualified enterprises and institutions to fully promote the development of algorithm industrialization.   On the other hand, Putuo District provides scenario operation guarantees and creates fertile ground for enterprises and institutions to grow. For example, on the basis of Shanghai's New-generation Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Innovation Action Plan, Putuo District is actively promoting special policies for the algorithm industry and preparing for the first Shanghai algorithm industry cluster - Algorithm Valley Landing; encouraging to chronically hold the chronically globally and nationally influential industry summits, events, forums, exhibitions and other activities in the field of digital transformation in Putuo, which can also receive one-time funding upon confirmation based on operational investment.   Putuo District takes the promotion of the industrialization of algorithms as the starting point, and vigorously promotes the industrialization of artificial intelligence. By the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan", the scale of intelligent software industry in Putuo District is expected to exceed 70 billion yuan, 3 to 5 leading companies in the field of digital economy will be emerged, and more than 5 industrial bases will be formed, and the four key cultivation industries including intelligent software, RD services, technology finance, and life and health will reach the scale of pillar industries.   It is reported that the algorithm teams shortlisted in the BPAA TOP 50 list will also have the opportunity to preferentially join the Shengteng Zhongzhi plan released by BPAA's "eco-model partner" Shengteng AI or enter the Shengteng Artificial Intelligence Framework Innovation Laboratory preferentially, and appear at the WAIC blockbuster Signing link; have the opportunity to be selected into the list of 100 algorithm products and 100 model cases of algorithm application with demonstration and promotion effects in the key areas of Shanghai's urban digital transformation; and have the opportunity to cooperate with Tsinghua University Press to publish algorithm application books, etc.   On August 31, the Second Screening on Best Practices of Applied Algorithms (BPAA) track finals will start soon, and 1 gold medal and 2 silver medals will be selected for each track. The BPAA finals will be held on September 1 in conjunction with the 5th WAIC to determine one final BPAA Grand Prize. The track finals and BPAA finals will be held in Shanghai. More than a dozen experts and scholars in the field of artificial intelligence will serve as judges, and more than 100 authoritative media across the country and professional media in various track vertical fields will be invited to report and witness the birth of the Grand Prize.  

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