Top Telegram Channels to Sharpen Your Software Development Skills

  • 22-May-2019

Now it is the technical life everyone living. There is an interest to learn something new to develop the mind technically. Everyone is following the technology to have techniques. You can develop your skills about software. Telegram is such a beautiful platform to develop your skills, knowledge and experience. You all know telegram is an instant messaging app. But some features make telegram more powerful and special. You may listen about the telegram channels. Channel is a replacement of old broadcast system. From the channel you will get information, news, skills, knowledge, education etc. Here the post is about top Telegram Channels to Sharpen Your Software Development Skills

Following are the most famous software development skills channels i have for you. I think this channel list will help you to get more ideas about software skills. The main thing in telegram channels is, you can get all messages shared from the starting of channels. So friends let's start the channel list. 

1. The art of Programming 

           The art of programming is a famous telegram channels to develop computers programming skills. This is A channel with programming news and tips and tricks, nice for beginners but also for experienced programmers. You will be able to learn master coding. Join the channel from the given below link.

2. Tech Guide :-

      Tech Guide is a telegram channel to Sharpen your software development skills. This is a beautiful channel for you. From the channel you will get Android, iOS, Windows, Computer related Tips, Tricks, Guide & News. The channel will provide you computer based information to develop your skills. Daily basis you will get updates from the channel.

3. Computer Science and Programming :-

              This is a channel on telegram to learn computer science and programming. This channel will help you to get computer related tips, tricks and ideas. Channel specialized for advances of: Deep and Machine, Learning, Artificial, Intelligence,Computer, Vision, Python programming. Latest books, articles, links, guidelines based on python.

4. DevChampions

DevChampions is a skill development channel on telegram. This will give you The most relevant links, books, commentary and educational materials for software developers and architects. Helping you to champion software development and technology. This is a perfect channel for technical support. You can join the channel now.

5. Coding News

            The channel will provide you High quality articles, videos, and tutorials about programming. HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Angular, Electron, Node, Vue, GraphQL and other topics.

For telegram channel lovers and computer learners this was a splendid collection of channels list to Sharpen your software development skills. I hope you enjoyed all channels i shared with you.


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