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  • 20-September-2020

User convenience and prompt communication over a long distance usually up to 500 meters away from their vehicles two-way radio is facilitated by Wireless Pacific's X10DR. The X10DR is a tested and trusted new age model of a digital vehicular repeater. The X10DR, functions similarly to the traditional mobile radio repeater as it conveys all radio traffic from the attached host mobile two-way radio to the user, allowing the user to communicate over their vehicle's two-way radio as if they are still seated in the vehicle. A recent interview with the Wireless Pacific's CEO and inventor of the X10DR out of vehicle communications solution, Martin Cahill, revealed that Martin has been versatile with the radio industry for over 45 years and working alongside David Cox as the initiators of the Australia Radio Communication Industry Association (ARCIA) reflects his technical prowess in radio communication.

The inbuilt technology of X10DR proffers solution to the long occurring functional issues associated with a traditional digital vehicular repeater. X10DR has been the proven "out of vehicle communication solution" for the past eight years and it works effectively. Some of the models such as X10DR Elite and Pro can support communication coverage from the vehicle for over 750 meters. For correct pronunciation and proper literal usage, X10DR is pronounced as EX-TEN-DER.

Do you think there is good reason for the continued existence of these high cost DVRS mobile vehicular repeaters?

"Undoubtedly, we agree that there are situations although really uncommon like in parks and forestry where users will oftentimes have to walk miles into the wilderness. Naturally, in these cases, once cost-justified the use of DVRS and licensed handheld portable radios might appear to be the right measure to take. However with other plausible options like Iridium® PTT readily obtainable and having sufficient power to meet this specific need for remote wilderness users, this might not be a completely sound argument. In the end, it is required of one to carefully observe the real coverage problem, the plausible and available solutions and the various costs that come with them, complexity and practical implementation. The right tools for the right job, if you like", he respectfully acknowledged.

"Of greater relevance and crucial value," he continued, "we very well understand that for a lot of people a practical work area defined "bubble" of communications that are reliable around their vehicles is preferred. These bubbles em compass the work area where more than ninety percent of their actual duties are carried out. And this is where X10DR stands out from other products. Invariably, our nature as humans ensures that users will most often than not, park their vehicles as near to the workplace as is feasible. After all, why would anyone desire to walk two hundred meters when they can just park ten meters away? X10DR has set and maintains the industry's benchmark for cost-effective out of vehicle solutions. A solution that has been proven many times in a row as capable of practical and realistic long-range performance", Cahill articulated.

Where to for the X10DR from here?

“There are ideas and concepts waiting to be unleashed but only after this economy-crippling pandemic passes,” Cahill ended.

To learn more, go to www.x10dr.com, www.x10drglobalstore.com.

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