YouTube Music begins carrying out Summer Recap for some

  • 22-August-2022

  Following the debut seasonal recap in June, YouTube Music today is starting to carry out the Summer edition. It comes as there is another period of summer (in the Northern Hemisphere), which closes on Thursday, September 22. YouTube Music started teasing the Summer Recaps' appearance earlier this week as “coming soon” in a YouTube Premium email, and it's currently showing up for the first members. Like previously, you could at first experience it as a "Summer Recap is here" card in the Home feed to "Replay your top music and stats of summer." That said, the first clients are just getting a "Your Recap" playlist, which had 50 songs last time. Yellow is the predominant color in the cover art contrasted with purple for spring. The carousel of stat cards that can be easily shared and saved don't as yet show up. You'll ultimately get top five songs, artists, playlists, albums, and genres (just three). One more method for checking for your Summer Recap is by tapping the profile avatar in the top-right corner and then “Your Recap” underneath “History.” The Spring Recap is as yet appearing for by far most of individuals, which had the following eligibility requirements: To see your 2022 Seasonal Recap, you'll have to have no less than 2 hours of music listening time across YouTube and additionally YouTube Music from March 1st, 2022 to May 20th, 2022. Going off the first, YouTube Music could make the Summer Recap broadly accessible by mid-September.

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