2023 Group Venture Partner Recruitment Plan Launched, Jointly Building an 'Innovation Rainforest'

  • 31-July-2023

On July 18, 2023, the 2023 Group Venture Partner Recruitment Plan (hereafter referred to as "the 2023 Program") for the Haidian Cluster of the Beijing Free Trade Zone's Science and Technology Innovation Area officially kicked off in the north area of Zhongguancun Science City.

The Group Venture Partner Recruitment Plan extends Haidian District's "Innovation Partner" initiative, serving as a new mechanism and model for facilitating open innovation in large companies, promoting the integrated development of large, medium, and small enterprises, and providing venture capital services for hard tech start-ups. The Group Venture Partner Recruitment Plan, running as a seasonal series of events each year, aids regional large enterprises in face-to-face interactions with the most outstanding technology start-ups to spark innovative ideas, explore collaborations, and greatly enhance the innovative development vitality of the North area of Zhongguancun Science City.

Three Major Sectors Providing Services, Program Set to Empower Over a Thousand Enterprise Projects

Reporters learned at the press conference that the 2023 Program would mainly carry out activities and services in three sectors: leading enterprise open innovation, SME acceleration, and industrial service platform.

The first sector primarily offers services such as ecosystem recruitment for leading enterprises, technology outcome conversion, and technology cooperation matchmaking. The second sector mainly provides incubation and exchange services like acceleration camps, study tours, private board meetings, industry match-making events, and financing roadshows for specialized new businesses in the fields of medical equipment, information technology, and more. The third sector has set up an online industry match-making platform, an internationalization service platform, and a school-enterprise matchmaking service platform, enabling efficient online matchmaking of industry chain enterprises, regional enterprise expansion into overseas markets, and more.

"The newly launched industrial chain recruitment matching online service platform 'ChainLink' can intelligently match the needs of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, serving as a digital management tool that handles ecosystem recruitment, order release, demand matching, community fission, event registration, outcome tracking, and exploring the digital transformation and upgrade of technology services," said a person in charge of the 2023 Program. "This means that through digital means, the 2023 Program has further enhanced resource linkage and service capabilities."

"The 2023 Program will link and serve more than 1,000 innovative enterprises and projects, hold more than 40 matching services and activities, collaborate on open innovation with over 30 leading companies, recruit more than 500 ecosystem companies for partnering large enterprises, promote integrated cooperation among large, medium, and small enterprises, and organize more than a hundred high-quality project case sources for the regional industry fund," Li Da, the Chief Innovation Officer of Beijing Cuihu Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. B1Lab, told reporters.

Four Years of Accumulation, Building an Innovation Rainforest Ecosystem

The Group Venture Partner Recruitment Plan, based in Haidian, radiating across Beijing, nationwide, and even cross-border, aims to build a "rainforest model" industry ecosystem. Using "large enterprise demand" as the pull, it links supply and demand sides to recruit and cultivate innovative enterprises and projects, building an industry pond for large enterprises and promoting integrated development of large, medium, and small enterprises. To date, the program has been held for five consecutive years and has become one of the most influential large-scale industry innovation activities in Zhongguancun Science City.

Tianan Star Control, a commercial aerospace high-tech enterprise specializing in aerospace measurement and control software and hardware R&D and system integration services, was a participant in the inaugural Group Venture Partner Recruitment Plan. "Four years ago, we joined the first Group Venture Partner Recruitment Plan. Today, we are a specialized and new enterprise in Beijing, recognized as a 'Beijing software core competitiveness company (growth type)', and we are also a core company in the Loongson SME ecosystem platform," said Wu Fenglei, the President of Tianan Star Control (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

"Over the past four years, the The Group Venture Partner Recruitment Plan has deepened the overall deployment of technology services in our company, using events as a pull and services as the main thread, coordinating with large and medium-sized technology companies, research institutes, and other innovative entities in the park, actively building a large, medium, and small enterprise integrated development strategy with 'leading companies as a pull, SMEs collaborating, industry resources empowering, industrial park coordinating', gaining recognition and support from innovative entities in the park, and powerfully supporting our company's 'space + investment + service' development model, and doing a good job in the 'last mile' service between the government and enterprises," the Deputy General Manager of Beijing Real Innovation Technology Park Development and Construction Co., Ltd., told reporters. "In the next stage, we will continue to enhance the key outcomes of the recruitment program, and strengthen the construction of the 'model' of science and technology services."

Liu Chunzhe, the Deputy Director of the Service System Construction Department of the Zhongguancun Science City Management Committee, told reporters: "Zhongguancun Science City will take the The Group Venture Partner Recruitment Plan as a grasp, strengthen the synergistic innovation with large enterprises, universities and institutes, investment institutions, and other innovative entities, and build a more open, inclusive, diversified cooperative, win-win sharing innovation rainforest ecosystem. The The Group Venture Partner Recruitment Plan will inject new vitality into the development of Zhongguancun Science City and add new impetus to the integrated development of large, medium, and small enterprises in the region."

The successful holding of this press conference marks the official launch of the 2023 The Group Venture Partner Recruitment Plan. We look forward to the 2023 Program bringing new dynamism to the integrated development of large, medium, and small enterprises in the region, injecting new vitality into the development of Zhongguancun Science City, promoting scientific and technological innovation, accelerating the construction of the core area of the national science and technology innovation center, and contributing more to Beijing's effort to become a national center for scientific and technological innovation.

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