A premium fitness tracker with a significantly larger screen is revealed by a leak of the Galaxy Fit 3.

  • 11-November-2023

Last year, it was uncovered that Samsung is dealing with a more current wellness tracker to supplement its World Watch smartwatch setup. The forthcoming wearable's unpleasant plan was additionally uncovered. Presently, the main arrangement of pictures of the Cosmic system Fit 3 have spilled, displaying the plan of the forthcoming wellness tracker.

The System Fit 3, whose pictures have been spilled by Windows Report, seems to have a lot greater screen than the Universe Fit 2. It presently looks more like a smartwatch, however it will probably not run Wear operating system like the World Watches do. It seems to have a rectangular OLED screen with generally slender bezels, and it will probably rival any semblance of the Fitbit Charge 6 and the Xiaomi Band 8. It has a solitary button on the right side. It doesn't appear to have an amplifier, so it probably won't can accept calls or have an undeniable virtual voice colleague.

In these pictures, you can see the Universe Fit 3 in its pink/gold tone. It has a pulse sensor on the back and two pogo-pin connectors for charging. It has a watch-like silicon lash for added solace, yet it doesn't seem as though it tends to be supplanted. It could have GPS, however, which the Cosmic system Fit and the World Fit 2 need. It could likewise include Bluetooth music streaming, however we must be sure after the authority declaration.

On the off chance that it doesn't run Wear operating system, which appears to be probable, we may be taking a gander at a gadget that can run up to 14 days on a solitary charge. Nonetheless, it will not have savvy applications that we've come to cherish on the Cosmic system Watch arrangement. The System Fit 2 was sent off in 2020 with a sticker price of just $59, and it is conceivable that Samsung could build the cost of the World Fit 3 a bit, because of added highlights like a greater screen. We are don't know when we can see an authority declaration, however it could occur at the following System Unloaded occasion.

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