ABstr8ice Creates Jewels For Your Favorite Celebrities

ABstr8ice Creates Jewels For Your Favorite Celebrities

With respect to top-level pearls, ABstr8ice is one of the most splendidly marvelous in the game. Coming straight out of H-Town, the genius jewel vendor has taken out imperishable pieces for athletes like Errol Spence Jr. to Hip-Hop stalwarts like Fredo Bang and NBA Youngboy. His pieces run the gamut from the exceptional (ie. immense, valuable stone verified logos and Jesus pieces) to especially, updated interpretations of your favored rings and watches. As he’s tremendous in Hip-Hop (more than wherever else), you can bet that he can deliver that million-dollar smile as well.

You can scramble toward his social media to take a gander at a part of his most-prized creations, and – if you have some real cash – get yourself a unique, custom piece.

Winham Ure

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