Adah Sharma Updates OTT Release Date for The Kerala Story

  • 29-November-2023

One Bollywood movie has distinguished itself as a game-changer for the industry in a year filled with many successes. Adah Sharma plays the lead in Sudipto Sen's film The Kerala Story. It has become the undeniable blockbuster of 2023 in addition to redefining business dynamics. Actress Adah Sharma has now disclosed that the movie will launch onOTT later this year.

Born out of a small budget, The Kerala Story has blown up the box office. After a huge first day opening in India, it made an incredible $29 million. The legendary status attained by Jai Santoshi Maa in 1975 is being drawn comparisons with its success.

When will OTT begin to offer The Kerala Story?

Adah Sharma provided an update regarding the excitement surrounding the movie's OTT release, but she refrained from disclosing any specific dates. Although she encouraged fans to contact director Sudipto Sen with questions, she guaranteed that the movie would debut on over-the-top platforms this year. The actress also stressed that once it was revealed, the reason for the postponement of the release date would become evident.

Her film audition video was recently shared by her. It gave fans an insight into the workings of the production. Since she is from Maharashtra, she does not think in Malayalam, but she did perform a scene in it. Adah demonstrated genuineness and emotional depth in her audition despite the language barrier. The interview, she revealed, was especially important because women in Kerala watched it in addition to decision-makers.

Adah gave an explanation of the scene's background in the audition video, in which her character desperately calls her mother to get out of a precarious situation in Syria. The actress admitted that it was difficult to give a convincing performance. She conveyed her appreciation to producer Vipul Shah and director Sudipto Sen for giving her the chance to show off her abilities.

With the OTT release of The Kerala Story scheduled for later this year, fans can now eagerly await it. Adah Sharma's update has only added to the excitement surrounding this triumphant cinematic production as the anticipation grows, making viewers eager to see the blockbuster on digital platforms.


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