After Matt Patricia period, Want latest culture: Detroit Lions president Rod Wood

After Matt Patricia period, Want latest culture: Detroit Lions president Rod Wood

As the Detroit Lions look for their new lead trainer and head supervisor, group president Rod Wood said Tuesday they are looking for up-and-comers who are attempting to make an open and comprehensive culture zeroed in on authority and cooperation as they attempt to at last deliver a victor with the long-battling establishment.

“We developed very specific criteria for both positions that we’re looking for that are unique. Not totally unique, but we think in some cases very unique to our situation,” Wood said. “I won’t share all of them with you, but I would say they focus on leadership, culture, teamwork, awareness of each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

“And what we’re really looking for is a culture that is open, inclusive, where everybody is pulling together as a team, and in one word, communication is paramount and everybody is doing the right thing for the Detroit Lions.”

Wood said he accepts the competitors they’ve spoken with so far have displayed those characteristics as the group hopes to supplant terminated senior supervisor Bob Quinn and lead trainer Matt Patricia. The group has talked with seven senior supervisor and two head-instructing competitors, Marvin Lewis and Eric Bieniemy, and is talking with current Lions between time lead trainer Darrell Bevell on Tuesday. They are leading more meetings consistently and into one week from now.

The cycle is more profound than when the Lions employed Quinn in 2016 and Patricia in 2018. Both Wood and proprietor Sheila Ford Hamp have more involvement with the class and are looking for unexpected characteristics in comparison to their last recruits.

“We were more focused on candidates because of their accomplishments as opposed to criteria that had been established before we started interviewing with them,” Wood said. “So, I’m very comfortable with the process and how it’s working so far and the criteria that we’ve developed.”

Wood said a superior comprehension of what goes into the occupation of a senior supervisor has helped the cycle – alongside a bigger meeting gathering, including Hamp and new exceptional colleague Chris Spielman, who was employed in December.

Wood sees now a senior supervisor has more to do than choosing players and framing a program.

“Finding people who exhibit some of the skills that are required to be a good manager of people and processes, not just picking players,” Wood said. “And then ultimately, with the head coach, I think leadership and somebody that can work with the general manager and somebody that has had experience either as a head coach or you can project that experience as a coordinator into being a head coach, and really diving into those types of questions.”

“Not that we didn’t do that in the search for Matt, but I think trying to do it differently, hopefully we’ll find the right people.”

Lions players have likewise communicated their feelings to Wood. Cornerback Jeff Okudah said Monday he accepted the group needs to have more straightforwardness from everyone and a mentor who the players accept is with them after he saw “brokenness” this previous season.

“Whenever you can get a coach, coaches that are kind of with the players,” Okudah said. “Not saying that in the past they haven’t been with the players but when you have a coach like that, where the players kind of feel like this guy’s at war with us every single time and that we’re in this together, I think that you have a team that’s willing to play for each other no matter the circumstances, no matter if you’re up 40 or down 40. They are going to play until the end.

“So I think just getting everyone on the same page, same goal, that would pay us great dividends going forward.”

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