The Best Christmas Wishes from AIMER

  • 12-December-2023

AíMER, a Chinese brand, is born with 'love' and 'beauty' in DNA.

In Chinese, the word "Ai" translates directly to LOVE.

Approach the end of the year, Christmas in the West, much like the Spring Festival in the East, is really as the grandest and most impactful festival. The Christmas means the deepest expressions of love and expectation from us.

In the atmosphere of Christmas, people around the world engage in warm and friendly greetings with one another. AíMER, your trusted companion in intimate apparel, joins in this heartfelt exchange, extending our most sincere and warm wishes to you:

“May you happy, more than Christmas”

May your joy transcend today, blossoming endlessly; and may love grace your life, year after beautiful year.

Established in 1993 in Beijing, China, AíMER has been dedicated to creating products born from 'love,' combining cutting-edge technology with ergonomic design. These exquisite intimate garments from AíMER have been your companions through every moment, both ordinary and extraordinary, in your life's journey.

A decade past, AíMER set sail on an international odyssey, journeying from the shores of Hong Kong and Macau to the vibrant heart of Southeast Asia, and onward to the mystique of the Middle East.

 In this expanding voyage, AíMER, with 'love' at our core, has reached out, connecting a global tapestry of consumers, weaving a world where 'love' knows no boundaries.

2023 marks the 30th anniversary of AíMER's establishment.

30 years with Aimer, from beginning to forever 

AíMER expresses profound gratitude to our international customers for your steadfast support and companionship. With a commitment to spreading love across the globe, AíMER utilizes 'beauty' as the medium to convey 'love', showcasing the endless vitality that flows through its core.

At AíMER, our aspirations extend far beyond conveying 'love' during the festive charm of Christmas. We yearn for every moment of 'beauty', carefully crafted and created by our brand, to not just reach your hands but to become a cherished part of your attire and life. It is our fervent hope that AíMER, through its vibrant brand culture and products, imparts a flourishing life force, offering you steadfast support and encouragement.

We wish for AíMER's 'love' and 'beauty' to be your constant companions, not just in the festive season but every single day. As we usher in the new year, we extend our early blessings to you:

May all you seek align with fate's gentle nod, your love blossom in serene accord, and your journey glide on an untroubled road.

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