Against all odds – KenVince is here to change lives with his music

Against all odds – KenVince is here to change lives with his music

If there is one art form in the world that has no limits it is music. Music is everyone and everything and it can heal you from the worst moments of your life. KenVince had realized this through experience, and thus he took on the work of becoming one of the best-known rappers and producers in the industry.

Life had taken a toll on him, and he went from working extremely hard in McDonald’s, saving up for his university, to completing his recording engineering degree from Full Sail University. The concept of struggling was not depressing for him, he has always been very passionate about the work he does. The journey started back in school in Detroit, Michigan, while joining the drumline. This resulted in him working as an intern which would bring him multiple important connections in the music industry. While he was working as an intern, he learned a lot about music and the industry itself. KenVince was a hustler from the very beginning, coming from a family that had taught him to never be afraid of working hard since it would always pay off.

When he was asked what did not excite him about the music industry, he replied “I really have a thing for networking since cinematographers and recording artists can give you a lot of insight. They have worked for years, and are the best people for giving you a perspective about the industry. However, the music industry is not as black and white as people imagine it to be, and often people like to find shortcuts. I would tell you that these shortcuts will drain you and be of no use. Never allow your creative qualities to be drained by false promises. Keep working hard and it will eventually all pay off!”.

KenVince has since released his own album and singles, using his talents in the right way. Make sure you go through his social media handles and keep in touch to experience the rise of the upcoming artist KenVince.

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/kenusmile4me

Twitter- https://twitter.com/KenUtweet

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/KenVincee/videos

You can also stream his music on Spotify:

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