Alix Burton: “At Good Energy Worldwide, we aim to leave people better than we found them”

Alix Burton: “At Good Energy Worldwide, we aim to leave people better than we found them”

Alix Burton is the founder of Good Energy Worldwide, a trucking company that has brought in waves of innovation in the trucking trade. There will soon be a day the trucking industry will be recognized by his name. Alix has always been passionate about empowering people. His belief in service is what made him name his company Good Energy. He shares, “As the name resonates, it’s a lifestyle I and my team follow. We leave people better than we found them.” Alix started the service with a box truck. The learnings and accomplishments along the way led to the development of a flourishing company. The enterprise now has a fleet of 100 trucks with a dedicated management team of 15 employees.

Alix believes in education before compensation. The philanthropist in him enabled him to offer his consultation services for aspiring fleet owners. Never did he expect the volume of demand for his services. “I was astonished. I didn’t expect people were so eager to learn. It is my honor to educate people from my experiences,” shares Alix. Alix has recently introduced another groundbreaking tool for ambitious businessmen. He launched a digital training portal, the only one of its kind for the trucking industry. The portal educates people on how to open a trucking company from scratch. The program has already been declared as the number 1 training platform in the transportation sector. An enthusiastic entrepreneur shares, “Alix’s contribution has been phenomenal! The guide has every single step listed in chronological order. It is so easy to follow and practice.”

“Whether it’s my team, my drivers, or anybody in the trucking industry, my motto has been to uplift them. I had no one to guide me. I will make sure I guide people as much as I can,” shares Alix. He devotes most of his time to his business family. He is a true leader, leading by example. When it comes to running smooth operations, he says he focuses on efficient communication. As per him, proper education and coherent communication are essential in running a successful business. Informing more about the training program, Alix says he has already included hand-picked resources for the learners. He plans to update the course with the latest information resources from time to time. Alix Burton plans to bring in encouraging reforms in the future. It’s his life’s purpose to help people lead better lives.

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