All Cinema Update has made a new record 😳 on IG

All Cinema Update has made a new record 😳 on IG

@all_cinema_update IG page has been breaking the records day by day of other media pages.

This is really shocking to other Page admins and to the Instagram followers of South Cinema.

@all_cinema_update IG page was opened on 2019 Jan 19th, The founder @cinemalover_habi popularly known as Habib opened this page for a fun use of Insta, but gradually he got interest to cinema and as he was in Kollywood industry, he was able to gather the news directly from film Producers, Directors, Actors and Production Managers.

So he changed his funny id to his official Film News page. This was a media page with no reach in the beginning, but slowly the Followers started increasing and enjoyed the post from @all_cinema_update.

When the Followers were in need of more posts @cinemalover_habi Mr.Habib could not handle the page in single hand.

So he made many admins for him and now he has above 15 admins to manage his 2.5 million Followers.

However it is surprising that Habib is not too old, He is just at the age of 20 now and having 2.5M page in his hands.

He is earning through the Promotions done in IG. Most of the South movies are Promoted by the All Cinema Update Team. So let us wish him and his team to get more success and go to the next level of media.


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