Amazfit Releases the Most Recent Version of their Smartwatch with New Features

  • 20-April-2024

Firmware versions,, and are the new updates that Amazfit has released for a number of its smartwatch models. Many enhancements for running and fishing activities are included in this release, and some users may also notice an improvement to WhatsApp messages.

Updates are being sent to the Amazfit Cheetah Pro, Cheetah Round, and Cheetah Square smartwatches. The company has also released new firmware for the T-Rex Ultra and Falcon wearables at the same time. The release notes for all three models show a lot of similarities.

One change is the ability to view image messages from WhatsApp for Cheetah smartwatch owners who have an Android phone. The updates are identical otherwise. With training scores for every workout and guidance modes for steady-state walking and running, Zepp Coach has been enhanced. Real-time power output data is shared via Bluetooth with a running power meter, improving integration with external devices.

Thermometers such as the CORE Body Temperature Sensor can also exchange additional data. Loop timers have been added, and while in fishing mode, you can see how many casts you have made and how many fish you have caught. In addition, Trail Run mode now functions with the VO2 Max algorithm.

Through the Zepp app, users can download the most recent updates for their Amazfit Cheetah series watches. Uncertainty exists regarding the firmware's current accessibility for all wearables and whether the rollout is happening gradually. An update for the Balance smartwatch was also just released by Amazfit.

Amazfit Cheetah April 2024 Update Firmware Versions

Leopard Pro:

Round of Cheetah:

Square of Cheetah:

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