Amazon Web Services(AWS)to open a Latin Infrastructure Location in Colombia

  • 29-March-2019

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a unit of Inc, said on Thursday it will open a Latin America infrastructure location in Colombia and help train 2,000 students in cloud technology.

The company will team up with Colombia's public technical education institute to prepare students in cloud computing, Jeffrey Kratz, AWS'general public sector manager for Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada, said in a government statement.

The company’s alleged Edge area, the fourth in Latin America, will help deliver data, videos and applications at higher rates to end-users.

Kratz, in Bogota for a technology conference, said Amazon wants to support the development of digital infrastructure and help entrepreneurs create large-scale projects. He said the company would continue to invest in Colombia, though he did not provide further details.

“We are excited to continue investing in Latin America’s success,” Kratz told Reuters. “This investment will ensure that customers have the tools and services to continue innovating for a positive user experience.”

Last August Amazon, the world's biggest online retailer, reported that it would open its first customer service center in Colombia later this year and employ 600 people.

The service center will serve customers worldwide in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

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