Apple Watch Series 7 features secret 60.5GHz wireless connection for data transfer

Apple Watch Series 7 features secret 60.5GHz wireless connection for data transfer

Apple Watch Series 7 was reported at Apple’s September event alongside the iPhone 13 lineup. While the new iPhones will hit stores this Friday, there’s no word on when the new Apple Watch will be accessible to clients. Despite the fact that Apple hasn’t uncovered many insights concerning the product, FCC filings have now uncovered that Series 7 has a secret 60.5GHz wireless connection for data transfer.

FCC documents seen by MacRumors show that the Apple Watch Series 7 features a 60.5GHz wireless connection module, which has never been found in any Apple product. As per the filings, the 60.5GHz transmitter requires a “proprietary Wireless Serial Dock” with a relating module to enable data transfer on the Apple Watch.

There aren’t many insights concerning this dock other than an illustration with the model number “A2687” and the description that says it depends on magnetic alignment to “lock the Apple Watch in place on top.” The document likewise says that this Apple-made dock is powered by a USB-C port.

Since this innovation has never been referenced by Apple and requires an outer gadget to be empowered, all things considered, the 60.5GHz transmitter is only for Apple’s inside use. MacRumors says that such an association is equipped for transfering data at up to 480 Mbps, like the USB 2.0 rates.

Each current Apple Watch model has an assistance port stowed away in one of the openings for interfacing the watch groups. Maybe Apple is trying another approach to get to Apple Watch data utilizing a wireless connection through this 60.5GHz transmitter and the new dock, which may be simpler than eliminating the help port cover.

With Apple reputed to have considered a totally portless iPhone on different occasions, another innovation to transfer data wirelessly at high paces could be the answer for eliminate the ports and still deal instruments to reestablish the firmware when required. The truth will surface eventually what Apple’s arrangements are for this new association stowed away in the Apple Watch Series 7.

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