Apple Watch X: Analyst Reveals Thinner, Larger Design with 3D Printed Components

  • 20-June-2024

As per a dependable Apple analyst, the Watch X or Watch Series 10 might be the first smartwatch in Apple's range to incorporate 3D-printed parts. The Watch Series 9 replacement may be substantially larger in addition to being less expensive to produce. When comparing the Watch Ultra 2 and Watch Ultra 3, Apple isn't anticipated to make significant modifications.

After the Series 7 (now $205 on Amazon, renewed in 2021) was introduced, Apple has not made much changes to the design of its smartwatches. With the Watch Ultra, which is anticipated to release in its third iteration this autumn as the Watch Ultra 3, it does, however, launch a new design language in late 2022. With the debut of the dubbed Watch X this year, Apple is reportedly planning to introduce a new design to its more affordable and compact smartwatches.

The Watch Series 9 replacement from last year will be available in two sizes, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Nevertheless, it is stated that Apple no longer the 41 mm or 45 mm alternatives. The Watch X, also known as the Watch Series 10, will instead be available in 45 mm and 49 mm sizes, however it will have a significantly slimmer shell. Please be aware that the image above is merely an idea derived from present rumors, not from a CAD file or anything like that has been released.

In any event, it is anticipated that the Watch Series 10 will not work with the current Apple Watch bands due to its slimmer casing design. On the other hand, because of its mostly unaltered design, the Watch Ultra 3 will continue to work with all previous watch straps. If mass manufacturing proceeds according to schedule, a new black edition of the Watch Ultra should become available.

Additionally, Kuo says that Apple will be using 3D printed parts in a wristwatch for the first time with the Watch Series 10. This should, in theory, lower production costs; however, it is unclear if the business will pass any savings on to customers. For the time being, the iPhone 16 series and the Watch Series 10 and Watch Ultra 3 are anticipated to go on sale in late Q3 2024.

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