Astro Farsi Sally represented a unique and outstanding speech on the “cosmic laws influence in life”

Astro Farsi Sally represented a unique and outstanding speech on the “cosmic laws influence in life”

Astro farsi sally born on 11/27/1987, is one of the best astronomers in the world who has been able to attract many attentions due to her accurate predictions.

Here are some of her lectures on the laws of life

According to her, you only need 3 rules in life, and it would be better if we learn them in adolescence time.

Do not see life to be complicated, I try to consider life simple. Do you know there are only seven colors in the rainbow? See what a masterpiece has Michael Angelo created with these seven colors,

We only have seven notes of music, see what Beethoven has done with these seven notes.

I want to tell you not to see life as complicated. You only need four things in life.

If you lack each, you will feel an emptiness deeply

First, everyone needs some tasks to perform

Second, everyone needs someone to love

Third, everyone needs to believe in something

And fourth, you need something to hope for.

What do you want to do? You must have a dream and a passion, even if you already have done great things so far.

What do you hope for in the future? I want to give you a simple plan.

These are not just what I believe, they do work for you

I wish I had learned them when I was 21 years old.

You need only three rules to follow

The first rule is to do the right thing

Do the right things and let the wrong things go.

There is no right time to do the wrong thing

And there is no wrong time to do the right thing.

Just do the right thing, and one of the best things to do is to have a positive mindset, don’t let people control your thoughts, enjoy life, have a good time, there are always problems and difficulties.

These are parts of your life, do not think that when you graduate, your problems will end, and do not tell others about your problems.

You know that 90% of people do not care.

And the rest 10% of the people will be happy with your problems, so you better not tell your problems to anyone, there is always a problem.

But enjoy what you do.

Rule number two, do the best thing when you can. Everyone can be the best version of themselves. There is no problem if you fail this way, life is just a game of choices.

Wherever you are, good or bad, do not blame anyone for your choices.

If you get the required education and you are eager to try and endure hardships, you can achieve anything.

and the last rule. Show others that you care about them, however, you do not have to shout it that how good you are.

Go and ask someone “how can I help you?”

One’s wife survived cancer.

And when they interviewed him, they asked him, what did you learn from cancer?

He said, “I understand how much my family loves me. Why should we unkindly lose someone?”

Then we just realize how important they were to us.

I did not reach this position for no reason, because I had a lot of help and love. Take care of others from the bottom of your heart, because everyone in your life needs a smile, kindness, and encouragement.

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