Drop Some Pounds with Debra Basch: The Health Coach Every Woman Needs in Her Life

Did you know that your gender plays a significant role in determining your health problems? Have you been feeling the need to diet or starve yourself till you drop some pounds? The Internet is not a great place to do research, especially when you ...

  • Health
  • 05-April-2021

Joy’s Passion About Modelling and Fashion Made Him Take Bigger Steps in Life

Joy R. Richardson’s passion made him work as a female model with his own wish.
Dreaming is just an easy job until you wish to make it possible. The story of this young boy who had a passion for arts and music had big dreams. Born on 13th Aug ...

  • Business
  • 28-March-2021

Sumit Narang : Famous Personality of Gurugram

"Talent is cheaper than table salt," says Stephen King as is popular. It is a lot of hard work which separates the skilled per ...

  • Business
  • 26-March-2021

Making waves as a leading blogger and social media influencer is a young talent, Ibrahim Al-Salem Al-Obaidi.

He has smartly and creatively translated his love for food and lifestyle by creating content on social media platforms.

Isn't it quite surreal to learn about all those individuals, especially the young talents who have shown pure passio ...

  • Business
  • 26-March-2021

Rana Lincoln Das : A Successful Personality With Unique Acting Skills

Rana Lincoln Das Has always been very keen and interested in a lot of aspects of life, he is surely very focused in his career, cool curricular activities and also his personal life. It is said that a person who is truly successful will balance a ...

  • Life-Culture
  • 17-March-2021

Online News Website ‘Casey Weekly, The UBJ, Midget Herald’ Gained Massive New Readers In The Pandemic

The COVID 19 pandemic had its own boons and banes for each industry. Fortunately, a news portal on the internet that was started in 2019 saw massive growth during the months following the pandemic. The UBJ, Casey Weekly, Midget Herald, Fab World ...

  • Business
  • 11-March-2021

Vivek Patni : A sucess global Entrepreneur of par excellence

To get into the vast entrepreneurial world today is no walk in the park. It may even take years for individuals to first realize what their heart seeks and then make pertinent efforts to reach their business goals. "Entrepreneurship is something ...

  • Business
  • 01-March-2021

The tale of very versatile, Craig Cavanagh

Craig Cavanagh who is from Liverpool, United Kingdom. Is a singer, songwriter, fitness fanatic, influencer and Bar Manager. Craig was shortlisted to the final voting stages of MTV Brand New Unsigned competition in 2012. His debut EP was released ...

  • Life-Culture
  • 25-February-2021

Nitish Sharma uplifting the need of the hour through his books

“You can’t simply write good stuff at once. You start out writing total garbage and believing it as you penned something Bestselling, and then in coming years if you are constantly writing you gradually write good stuff. That’s why I believe most ...

  • Business
  • 20-February-2021