Bader Antar | An unique African Moroccan Artist.

Bader Antar | An unique African Moroccan Artist.

By Utkarsh Piyush

Bader Antar (بدر عنتر), One of the prominent talents in Morocco and Middle East in the field of painting..graphic design..3D Modeling and Creative Direction, whose work has reached the international level, due to his dealings with many international and MENA celebrities, is considered the young Moroccan Artist .

Bader was born in 1996, and since his childhood he specialized in computer graphics and mastered graphic arts to the point of professionalism, something that led him to deal with many artists and celebrities such as, Arab artist Myriam Fares,Steve Aoki,Black Jaguar, Vinai…and SB Projects with Justin Bieber Manager Mr Scott Braun Scooter.

The last international artist to deal with was the young Moroccan artist Badr Antar, Spanish artist Pedro Alonso, one of the heroes of the series”La Casa De Papel” in the role of Berlin. That he likes his Artworks and encourage him.

Bader Antar is currently considered one of the artists that many media organizations in Morocco and the world deal with trained and Worked with, such as Interscop Records, Hit Radio,Soltana, and Cartoon network Africa.

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