BarbarQ 2, Electronic Soul's forthcoming competitive multiplayer experience, is currently open for pre-registration on TapTap

  • 25-July-2022

  Electronic Soul has declared the forthcoming launch of BarbarQ 2, the studio's colourful 3v3v3 competitive mobile game. The game tasks players with becoming the Chieftain of their Clan, as they battle against enormous monsters, bring down their enemies and keep their Clans. In BarbarQ, players can hope to take part in exemplary 3v3v3 matches fans of the BarbarQ franchise know and love. They'll have six minutes to accomplish extreme triumph against two groups, and they'll need to kill their adversaries by all means vital - and that incorporates flinging ice or fire mushrooms at accidental foes. The game features a variety of locales from sky islands to lava lakes. Players can likewise pick the best arbitrarily produced abilities proposed to them with each new round to find the style that suits them best. There are different equipment items, weapons, pets and mounts to browse too. The sequel welcomes new game modes as well, which incorporate a 12-player fight royale, a group development feature and more. In the event that you're anxious to jump into all the fun, you can pre-register for BarbarQ 2 now on TapTap, or examine the game and download it for testing on the Google Play Store for Android gadgets.

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