Chef Faisal Ahmed Aldeleigan: Know The Startup Tips For Business Owners From The Entrepreneur & Celebrity Chef Himself

Chef Faisal Ahmed Aldeleigan: Know The Startup Tips For Business Owners From The Entrepreneur & Celebrity Chef Himself

When you get the best of knowledge from one of the best in the business, you know what success you can attain.

Nowadays you can gain knowledge & tips about anything & everything even from the internet, but knowing certain professional insights or tricks about a business is something only a professional from that specific field can help with. Same is with the business of food & the world of chefs. Successful entrepreneur & Chef Faisal has grown his business from scratch & has created a world for other chefs like him to help them grow with their business by providing them with his consultancy services. With his rich experience in the food industry, he already is a part of the World Master Chefs society & owns his consultancy firm named Chef Faisal Consultancy. He trains chefs under him & also helps them with menu engineering, etc.

There are a few startup tips that Chef Faisal would like to share with business owners to attain success faster.

  • Search for entrepreneurs in your company: Allow an individual to be an entrepreneur in your business just like you rather than only an employee, says Chef Faisal. When you hire people having an entrepreneurial attitude, you know you can grow your business more & drive more innovations.

  • Give importance to potential: Hiring a person for their potential & attitude is the right way to get them on board, suggests Chef Faisal. Look out for their personality traits & beliefs that can match with your business culture.

  • Get to the point directly while hiring: Chef Faisal recommends to not waste time on asking questions only on past experiences, instead come to the point directly & ask them questions that will let you know their ambition & drive in life. Also, give them a chance to ask you questions as well.

  • Accept that you might not know it all: Recognizing this fact is also essential, as you might even be hiring people who could be more experienced than you, points out Chef Faisal. Accept that you don’t know it all & as a team you’ll can grow together & become successful.
  • Avoid excessive supervision: After creating a team for your business, you don’t need to have excessive surveillance on your employees. Give them space to do the job; this encourages them more & leads to their personal development also.

  • Motivate your team members: The more you encourage & motivate your employees & team members, the more they feel pumped up to do their work, according to Chef Faisal. This leads to the joint development of the employees & the company.

Chef Faisal’s consultancy firm has long established himself as one of the best in the business by helping & providing guidance to multiple restaurants in growing their business in Bahrain & KSA. Once a banker, Chef Faisal has proved the world that it’s only your passion that can take you to places in the world & give you recognition with your hard work & determination.

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