Chef Faisal Ahmed Aldeleigan: The Culinary King Draws Out A Few Ways Through Which One Can Become A Successful Chef

Chef Faisal Ahmed Aldeleigan: The Culinary King Draws Out A Few Ways Through Which One Can Become A Successful Chef

Mark the best tips from the best in the business with regards to achieving success.

The journey that started with having a corporate, well-paid job at a bank took a turn & went towards a career to start from scratch; this is what the journey of Chef Faisal has been about. He understood his love for food, listened to his heart & followed his dreams. Today, he is considered to be amongst the best in Bahrain & is soon going to leave a mark with his culinary skills even in the world. He is an entrepreneur as well who runs his consultancy service firm called Chef Faisal Consultancy. His company supports many restaurants in establishing itself across Bahrain & KSA. Chef Faisal acts like a mentor to all the budding chefs around to help them carve a successful career & grow their business.

There are a few ways through which one can become a successful chef, according to Chef Faisal.

  • Be a manager & a leader: Plan & organize well in managing your business & lead from the front to help reach the goals of the company, as per Chef Faisal.

  • Improve the sales line: Chef Faisal says to look out for ways that improve the sales line by building check averages by figuring out effective menu planning & use of costing strategies.

  • Keep all the data: Gain knowledge to check averages, know which food item of yours works the best on what days, which item from the menu brings in the most revenue, costs of making your dishes, labour costs, etc. know all this data &  keep track of everything to grow a business, suggests Chef Faisal.

  • Learn strategies to build your brand: The more you promote your recipes, cuisines & the chef, the more it helps in building the business & the brand. Word of mouth strategy also works wonders for businesses, says Chef Faisal.

  • Invest in yourself & your staff: Seek opportunities that can help you grow as a businessman by gaining knowledge at each stage in life. Pay attention to what you are learning & implement the same in your business. Give yourself some time to thoroughly understand the market. Likewise, also invest in a good staff where your team acts in sync with your company’s goals & expand it to newer heights.

Chef Faisal believes that cooking is not an easy task & until & unless you don’t win your own heart, you can’t reach the hearts of others. The food entrepreneur is already a famous personality, even on Instagram, where thousands of people follow him. However, Chef Faisal wishes to increase more of his consultancy services to reach more budding chefs to help them build their business & careers.

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