Department Of Music & Entertainment Industries Announces Performance Series Events For The Fall Of 2023

  • 19-August-2023

Mankato, Minn

The Minnesota State College, Mankato Branch of Music and Media outlets declared its fall Execution Series timetable of visiting craftsman show occasions. Notwithstanding the expert craftsman series, the Division of Music and Media outlets will offer 12 understudy gathering shows throughout the span of the fall semester.

Occasions are made conceivable to some degree by an award from the Minnesota Expressions and Social Legacy store, as appropriated by the Minnesota State governing body with cash from the vote of individuals of Minnesota on Nov. 4, 2008. Extra financing is given by Grassland Lakes Territorial Expressions Committee, the Nadine B. Andreas Gift and KMSU The Dissident.

The Presentation Series offers contemporary and ethnically assorted music including broadly and globally perceived craftsmen. The Series additionally offers guidance through ace classes, centers and studios helping the college local area, Mankato region occupants and K-12 understudies.


Humbird (Siri Undlin) is a Minneapolis based vocalist musician and narrator. A Humbird live execution is private and natural, including Undlin's immovable intense and tormenting voice. Undlin twines exploratory people and natural History of the U.S to fashion a portrayal of the story society tune and balladry custom.

MOLLY MAYER and HER Doubters

Molly Maher is a carefully prepared, St. Paul-based vocalist/lyricist creating an unobtrusive yet noteworthy back inventory of heartfelt, rural society music. Composing melodies that sound valid, her singing is a fine equilibrium of profound and deep, falling somewhere close to Lucinda Williams and Bonnie Raitt.

MINNESOTA Musicians Exhibit

SARAH MORRIS makes endearingly genuine, masterfully wrote tunes that urge crowds to pull away from the higher perspective and become involved with the wizardry of our ordinary particulars. Morris has been a finalist in a large group of public songwriting rivalries.

EMILY HAAVIK is a performer and sound maker. She endured 10 years working out in the open radio and TV news. Her work has been regarded with a Peabody and a DuPont grant, as well as various provincial Emmy and Murrow grants. She loves to travel and recount stories that attention on the climate and law enforcement.

HAILEY JAMES is a capable vocalist/musician and recording craftsman. She has collected acknowledgment as a four-time grant champ from the Midwest Blue grass Music Association, getting renowned titles like 2022 Female Entertainer and Lyricist of the Year, as well as the 2021 Midwest CMO New Craftsman and Melody of the Year for her track "Alert and ready to go."

THE Cactus Blooms

The Cactus Blooms sound uncannily like a kin concordance act who just ventured off the phase of the Excellent Ole Opry or the Louisiana Hayride during the 1940s or '50s, and there's a valid justification for that - - guitarists and vocalists Page Burkum and Jack Torrey are siblings. Their voices fit together in a manner that proposes a cutting edge estimate of what the Everly Siblings could convey. The Blooms got a lift in the wake of showing up in David Lynch's 2018 TV series Twin Pinnacles: The Return.


Turn Turn is a threesome who fortified over their common love of close congruity 60s and 70s nation, society, and popular music. Their unmistakable sound has been depicted as a melodic embroidery of dirty inclination, wonderful tunes and pop-implanted Yankee folklore. The gathering, drove by previous Honeydogs part Adam Toll, are pillars of the Minnesota music scene.


The New Norms began in 2005 as an off-shoot project between Minneapolis based artists. TNS has developed into a globe-spreading over experience, filling theaters and clubs all over the planet, generating a few Cds, recordings, kid's shows, and dance/theater projects that have enchanted and pleased a steadily duplicating army of unwavering fans. Chan Poling established the fundamental Troublemaker/New Wave band Suburbia. John Munson was a unique individual from Excursion Shakespeare and the graph beating Semisonic, and Steve Roehm began on drums in the Texas punk outfit Billygoat and the avant-jazz Electropolis.


Chicago Rancher highlights Cody Diekhoff. Diekhoff experienced childhood in a humble community cultivating local area in Illinois. Significantly motivated by John Prine, Diekhoff is a common people performer deeply. He composes his music for "the sort of individuals that come to my shows." Envision in the event that a John Steinbeck brief tale had been composed as a melody, and this will give you a genuinely smart thought with regards to what Chicago Rancher achieves in their unique music.


Erik Koskinen is an American artist lyricist and multi-instrumentalist whose music isn't arranged by sub-types. Elaborately he is all alone. Impacted by roots music of the Americas and the world, the cadenced honesty and melodic tone are essentially as significant as the melodious substance and the imaginative plan.


Luke LeBlanc is a Minneapolis-based vocalist musician who conveys dynamic and flexible unique exhibitions that include a warm, natural converging of rootsy society and pop. The Ongoing says LeBlanc's music is "fragile, downplayed, and cautious in its development."

Notwithstanding Execution Series occasions, the Division of Music will offer various understudy troupe shows including the Show Ensemble and Chamber Vocalists, Elisabeth Cherland, guide; Show Wind Troupe, Amy Roisum Foley, guide; the Jazz Dissidents Enormous Band, Douglas Snapp, chief; furthermore, Contemporary Vocal Groups, Douglas Snapp and Stephanie Thorpe, co-chiefs.

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