Description of Ramyrad, an Iranian pop singer, about the main voice and the singing voice

  • 17-November-2021

Ramin Salehi Yeganeh (artistically named Ramyrad) He was born on July 6, 1993 in Tabriz and now lives in Tehran. The sound that others hear from you talking and reading is not like the sound you hear yourself, because you feel the sounds in your bones and the sound you hear yourself is a reflection of your voice in the cave of your body. Your voice echoes and rings inside you. But a listener only hears what is conveyed in the air, and what you think is the richness and color of your voice may be removed when he hears it. Most importantly, the sound that comes out of you is practically different from the sound that comes out to you. Because of the distance between our inner perception and the listener, recording and listening to some exercises helps many people to have an objective ear. That is, to hear what is outside of their being. Prepare any audio recorder you have and be ready to record your gradual progress. This gradual progress record will be a proof that you know where you started and where you have been, and every time you look at it, considering where you have been, it will give you a strong motivation for future progress. By doing this, you will see your progress, while this is the easiest way to hear and estimate your voice at the beginning. Now please read the previous paragraph aloud and record your voice. As you read the paragraph, you may notice what happens when your voice sounds, if it does not happen at first, it will happen later as you get closer to the end.

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