Albanian citizenship has been granted to Dua Lipa

  • 03-December-2022

Due to her efforts to raise Albania's profile internationally, Dua Lipa has been granted citizenship in Albania.

According to Albanian President Bajram Begaj, Lipa, the daughter of immigrants from Albania, has made the nation proud.

“Happy to give the one and only Dua Lipa the decree of Albanian citizenship,” he said. “She has made us proud with her global career and engagement in important social causes.”

Lipa referred to her new citizenship as an "honor" in a tweet.

Lipa was born in London to parents who immigrated from other countries. In 2016, the singer and her father co-founded the Sunny Hill Foundation to help Albanians in need.

Her citizenship as an Albanian comes before the 110th anniversary of Albania's independence from the Ottoman Empire.

Lipa will say that her show on her Future Nostalgia Tour will be her last on Monday in Tirana, Albania.

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