Microsoft groups ChatGPT with additional products

  • 07-March-2023

Microsoft has said that it will add the ChatGPT messaging service technology from Open AI to more of its products.

Microsoft stated in a Monday news release that the introduction of its new Dynamics 365 Copilot will provide interactive, AI-powered support for all business functions. The new features were added to Microsoft's Power Platform service's collection of business intelligence tools.

The Power Virtual Agent, a tool used by businesses to build and create chatbots, can now connect to internal company resources under the new ChatGPT service to help generate summaries from customer queries.

“This means that out of the box, the bot is ready to answer user questions based on the information on your site—all without authoring a single topic or spending additional development cycles,” the news release said. “This gives developers more time to focus on building complex conversation flows and delivering increased resolution rates and improved customer outcomes.”

Additionally, the company introduced a brand-new version of Dynamics 365 Copilot that makes use of the brand-new technology and incorporated ChatGPT into Power Platform's AI Builder, which aims to enable businesses to automate their workflows.

A month ago, Microsoft announced that Open AI's ChatGPT messaging service would power its new premium messaging service.

In a way that is more advanced than previous technology, ChatGPT, a free tool that debuted in November, automatically generates responses to users' questions that are human-like.

Recently, the innovative new technology has sparked concerns among many parents and educators, with some speculating that students may have used ChatGPT to cheat on assignments, which led to the tool being banned by school districts in New York and Seattle.

As part of a third phase of their partnership, Microsoft announced in January that it would invest billions of dollars in OpenAI. This investment follows those made by both tech companies in 2019 and 2021 and extends the partnership because ChatGPT has become a widely used tool.

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