Pokémon Go and Pokémon UNITE will increment microtransaction costs on App Store

  • 04-October-2022

A set of new cost and tax changes is going to be implemented for the Apple App Store in specific nations soon, and that implies there will be a few extra updates coming to games that feature in-app purchases—including different Pokémon titles.

Pokémon Go, UNITE, and Café Mix will all see an expansion in currency costs beginning as soon as Oct. 5, which is the point at which the new App Store changes will start rolling out.

These progressions will go into effect in Chile, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, South Korea, Sweden, Vietnam, and all domains that use the euro currency. There are sure things developers and publishers can do to change the cost of apps and in-app purchases on their end, however overall costs will be expanded in these listed locations.

Niantic is the only developer of the bunch to share this data on its English social channels, to some extent since it will influence Pokémon Go, as well as Ingress and Pikmin Bloom.

What's more, while nothing about the actual games is changing, the developer will screen what it means for the community.

“We know changes to pricing and currency are impactful to our community, and we want to provide proactive notice that some players will experience increased in-game currency prices starting as early as Oct. 5 due to changes in App Store price tiers,” Niantic said.

“While we will not be taking any immediate action in response to this change, we’ll be monitoring its impact and discussing how to navigate changing conditions globally.”

These progressions will affect every region differently contingent upon how much the pricing for apps and in-app purchases increment, which can be seen in an updated price chart published by Apple.

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