DJ XO: Why You Should Pay Attention To This Houston Artist

DJ XO: Why You Should Pay Attention To This Houston Artist

DJ XO reigns from Houston, TX, which is home to some of the best music, women, and barbecue. XO is no rookie, he has been lacing hooks and spitting dope bars with some of Houston’s finest. The latest to come from the rapper/singer/producer is the fact that he has a management deal with the heaviest out of Houston, Rap-A lot-Records.

DJ XO has collaborated with artists in the past such as Slim Thug, Lil Keke, Dave East, Devin The Dude, and Kirko Bangz. He’s already cemented himself among some of Houston’s finest and plans to take it even further. Some of some underrated songs that XO are the songs and features that he has with Sosamann.

One of the songs that made it out of Houston and garnered some national attention was their hit song “Off the lot”. I knew it was a dope song when I heard it in Houston, but when I heard it in LA and Atlanta I knew it was out of here.

Houston natives and the culture that comes from the city are very tight knit and stick together. Houston looks out for Houston. Any time that there’s a natural disaster or something wrong, the community comes together. Last year in December, XO held a celebrity basketball game and toy drive for those less fortunate. Southern hospitality isn’t just a term; it’s really a thing for those who don’t know. Make sure you follow DJ XO for updates and exclusives.

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