Elvis Gjeci: How He Got His First Netflix Show?

  • 25-April-2021

Elvis Gjeci is an Italy based fitness enthusiast and professional fitness trainer who has been helping people to grab a healthy lifestyle for several years through his social media. Social media is often considered a waste of time, and something that diverts a person from his real path of success, but for Elvis social media turned out to be an ultimate gamechanger, or we can say Elvis converted social media into a career prone platform for himself.

The 26-year-old has been a professional artistic gymnast for 15 years, and holds 3 major world records. With over 40,000 Instagram followers and immense fame, the artist considers staying down to earth his biggest success. He has not only built a professional fitness influencer career out of Instagram, but it also opened his doors for Hollywood. Here’s his story:

“I always put videos with my stunts on social channels and that’s exactly how I was contacted for the selection of this American program”

Elvis was one of the seven participants for Netflix’s ‘Ultimate Beastmaster’ directed by Sylvester Stallone. 

“I was an artistic gymnastics athlete for 15 years, being part of the CONI center in Tirrenia” Elvis tells.

“Then after my sports career I started working with a company that deals with shows in which I perform performances based on acrobatic exercises and games with fire and LEDs”.

Soon after Elvis got selected, he flew to Los Angeles with other hundreds of participants who were willing to bag that role in the show. After many tough rounds of auditions, physical, mental, etc, he was selected as one of the 7 men who were participating in the show.

“The period In California was incredible. It was like seeing a movie but I was the protagonist this time! I still didn’t believe it – continues Elvis Gjeci – where I faced a series of tests to defeat a monster by overcoming the various obstacles that the path put in front of us”.

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