Excelling as a professional and highly successful multiple online business owner of Canada is Idrees Kickz.

  • 02-December-2020

Idrees Kickz has created milestones by turning his brand Woiair into an empire dealing into four online businesses.

When someone is positioned in the front of numerous demanding situations or struggles, usually what could that person do? Well, this could differ for different individuals. In the end, it's the choices of a person that allows him/her either make or ruin their careers and life. Mohammad Edris Hashimi, aka Idrees Kickz, is one among those proficient teenager entrepreneurs who very cleverly made choices in his career and chose the path of hard work to excel in the business world to eventually become the sought-after sneaker entrepreneur of Canada together along with his e-commerce business.

Idrees Kickz proved everybody in the business world that persistence and passion can take people to greater heights of success no matter the age. Since childhood, Idrees Kickz fell madly in love with footwear and he also believed that if ever he could end up as an entrepreneur, he would be definitely in the sneaker niche.

So at 13, the teen determined to make waves withinside the e-commerce space and commenced running with the aid of using shopping for and promoting stuff online. Soon, he saw opportunities rising in the same. Since childhood, he had the interest to accumulate uncommon brands of footwear and little did he recognise then, that this interest of his could pave the way for him to eventually enter his area of interest and take the profession as a full-time thing and entered the marketplace of e-commerce with shopping for uncommon versions of footwear and sneaker manufacturers, reselling them for a massive quantity of profit.

This, in the end, helped Idrees Kickz to originate his brand "Woiair". Woiair is all about the efforts of Idrees Kickz who has been making it huge by getting into different niches with his brand, like sneakers, digital agency, merchandise, and real estate.

Amongst the numerous goals that Idrees Kickz desires to fulfill, one amongst them is to open a grand sneaker shop in Toronto and LA and additionally to collaborate with manufacturers like Nike and Adidas for designing a shoe.

If at 19, this young businessman from Canada can obtain innumerable feats in his sneaker business and his empire Woiair, withinside the online space, one can know how he can also take over the business world within 5 years. Keep following him on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube/TikTok @idreeskickz.

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