Fabolous triggers an intense relationship debate in a recent tweet

  • 23-November-2019

Fabolous Triggers An Intense Relationship-Related Debate that made his fans talk their hearts out. In his post, he actually asked his fans about how reasonable it is to fight with one’sspouse. He actually tended to tweet a query aboutrelationship between husband and wife that made fans speak up. It is still not clear if he was kidding or he actually wanted to have the answer to the said query.

John David Jackson who is professionally known as Fabolous is an American rapper from Brooklyn, New York City. He began his career in senior high school and ended up in rapping live on American music executive and record producer. He enjoys huge fan following around the world and his fans love him. They praise his skills and work at every possible level.

Some of the people considered him just joking around while there were others who actually took him seriously and gave him their opinions in the comments section. You will be amused to read the comments. If you have not seen the post so far, you can do so by accessing the social media account of the rapper.

Someone commented on the post as, “‘Y’all know this was a joke tweet right. Oh ok. Carry on with y’all lives. I’ll do the same. This why u can’t tweet anymore ????& For 12,000 people to even comment like it’s serious is even more of a joke. But can’t lie Shade Room knows how to get y’all going. Everything is Love on this side. God Bless y’all.

In the same way, another commenter posted, “Toxic relationships are unhealthy. If you find yourself arguing with someone more than you guys get along, it’s time to sever that relationship. This isn’t just romantic relationships either. Friends, family, coworkers. Especially women, don’t let toxic men drain your feminine energy. Follow @simplysheneka???? for the modern, feminine woman.”

A person commented, “Confused about why so many people think it’s healthy to argue this much if at all smh No need to argue when you’re communicating correctly. ????

Someone else commented as, “If you argue daily, throw the whole relationship away. Arguments shouldn’t happen often.

Yet again there was another follower who said, “I think having disagreements are normal, you are both individuals & may not always see eye to eye. Arguing is a little more intense lol shouldn’t be every day. Could be once a week tho????????????????

We are not sure if Fabolous was serious about asking the question or he just did it out to spend some time reading the comments amusingly. Comments have been amusing though. Rapper himself might have enjoyed reading the comments. We wonder if he got the answer to his query or he is still unsatisfied. To know this we will have to wait for the next tweet or social media post to find out.

Forgetting everything else, how would you have responded to this post of the rapper? We will be waiting for your feedback in the comment section. 

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