Familiarity with the style of pop music, from the perspective of Farhad Forootani, a successful Iranian singer

Familiarity with the style of pop music, from the perspective of Farhad Forootani, a successful Iranian singer

Features of pop music


Not having a specific audience

Pop style is often contrasted with styles such as classical and folk or local folk music, and basically one of the reasons for its growth is that it does not depend on a specific place and geography that only certain people in that geographical area want that type.  Be music.


Lack of complexity and freedom of action

One of the main reasons for the popularity of pop music among the people is the simplicity and lack of complex harmonies.  This feature can not be found in other genres such as classical or, better yet, less common, certain musical rules govern this type of genre and have less freedom of action.  Therefore, they also include special audiences.


The length of the pieces is not long

Tracks and songs that are performed in the pop style are generally in a certain time range and, unlike other styles, are not as classic or long, and do not have much repetition.  In a few cases, the number of pop pieces exceeds 32.


Modulation and step

Due to the non-uniformity and boring repetitions in the pop style, less step change and modulation are used.


A 2018 study by the University of Yerevan in California shows that pop music has become more sad over the past 30 years, with elements of joy gradually giving way to electronic rhythms, although pop music is still  Be danced with it.  A brief look at the history of pop

1960: In this decade, technology came to serve music, and with the increasing development of pop music technology, it became more popular, especially among young people.  The advent of portable radios has made it easier for people and young people to access daily music.  During this time, pop music spread to the beaches of California, and pop groups such as “Beach Boys” came to the fore.  The influx of English rock and pop bands into America during this period was quite noticeable and American pop was influenced by English pop.  The English rock and pop group The Beatles were able to revolutionize pop music during this period.  And for years to make a name for themselves, the Beatles’ albums are the best-selling album of a band around the world.

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