Five reasons to buy your lottery tickets online

  • 17-March-2020

Every week, more than 32 million people buy lottery tickets in the UK, about 60% of the population. National lotteries are very well established and tickets are available at many outlets. Today, however, more and more lottery players are taking advantage of the opportunity to play online bingo. We wanted to take a closer look at this phenomenon and understand why a growing number of people were buying tickets online rather than at a tobacconist or newsstand? This question is particularly interesting this week, as a $ 163 million jackpot in the United States is being offered by the Powerball and players around the world are buying their tickets for the Powerball lottery online.

1. A wider lottery line online

The world of the biggest lottery draws is concentrated around the United States, Europe and Australia . Apart from traveling to these countries to play, participating online is your only option for a chance to win a giant jackpot. Select the lottery that you like the most, compare the odds of winning and no longer worry about your location!

2. Automatically collect secondary prices

In the United States, over $ 2 billion in prize money has not been claimed. Most of them were very small! Some people do not claim these gains because it requires an effort that is not worth it. However, buying your lottery tickets online allows all winnings to be paid automatically and to recover the winning lottery without any effort. For the biggest winnings, take a look at our article on installment payout installments or lump sum  !

3. Chances of winning much more online

1 in 4 jackpot is won by a group of players but most get acquainted in bars. On the other hand, you do not need to look for partners at the local bistro! Online, just join an already formed group of players. Together, you will be able to play hundreds of grids in each draw and increase your chances of winning the jackpot.

4. Never lose your ticket

When you have a winning ticket, you take risks. You are at the mercy of thieves or can still lose the ticket while having hidden it in an unusual place. By playing the online lottery on theLotter, your ticket is kept in a safe and you can view it online as well as all the legal documents proving that you are the owner so that you are safe.

5. Do not miss any draws

By playing online giants in the United States, such as Powerball , there are many options available to you. The online lottery ticket purchasing services offer significant discounts on multi-draw packages including tickets to participate in future draws and even subscriptions. With such formulas, you will never miss a single draw!

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