Follow The Guts Novozymes OneHealth art exhibition landed in Beijing "798"

  • 30-September-2022

"Gut," "microorganisms," and "art," which are unrelated, come together in Beijing's 798 Art District to create a very different spark.

On October 1, 2022, Novozymes OneHealth, a well-known Danish biotechnology company, has partnered with R·lab, a domestic gut health professional organization, and the Danish Cultural Center to create a themed exhibition called "Follow The Guts." The exhibition will run for 2 weeks until October 14, open to the public from October 1-12, with an invitation-only system from October 13-14.

Explore the universe in the bowels and enjoy the beauty of life. Undoubtedly, this will be a romantic exhibition where science and art deeply merge. This exhibition gathers the brilliant works of many first-class illustrators in China, with a total of 46 original works. Great themes are presented in multiple dimensions.

If you visit the place in person, you can feel the "novelty" of the exhibition - the overall layout of the exhibition is designed to look like a human intestine, which adds to the atmosphere of the exhibition. Stop in front of the painting and feel it with your heart. It's hard not to be shocked by this microscopic world that has never been appreciated. The painters, with their unique creative ingenuity and rich and delicate brushstrokes, have opened up another secret journey for us: In the vast universe of the gut, the different plants are like families, they have different shapes, growth habits and functions, in their continuous reproduction, growth, metabolism and death they all tell the magic of the life journey of the human body and all hide the secret of harmonious coexistence with the human body.

OneHealth is the brand of Novozymes, a leading worldwide biotech company. Since its inception, OneHealth has pursued the concept of "one in a trillion," leading the development of businesses and intensively cultivating the field of human health. Comprehensive solutions such as probiotics and enzyme supplements help people meet the health challenges of modern life and live healthier and better lives.

The responsible person of Novozymes OneHealth said that intestinal health is very important in the field of human life and health, but in the past, people have paid little attention to the intestine for a long time, and the relevant knowledge reserves were relatively small. The art exhibition aims to call more people to participate in paying attention to intestinal health through the form of art, learn more about the health knowledge related to the intestine, and strive for a healthier lifestyle.

It is of great significance for Novozymes OneHealth to hold the art exhibition on gut health in an artistic landmark such as Beijing 798 Art Center. Awareness of gut health promotes dissemination and access to knowledge, and deepens trust in Novozymes OneHealth and R·lab. A creative form of popularizing art that opens up a new area of cross-border collaboration between the health and art sectors. 

As a professional institution in the field of gut health and evidence-based nutrition in China, R Institute aims to help people have a healthier gut, support China's gut industry, and provide more accurate gut knowledge. Together with hundreds of scientific research institutions, hospitals and companies across the country, we developed this popular science illustration tour.

The success of this exhibition is inseparable from the strong support of the Danish Cultural Center. As the official platform for cultural and artistic exchange established by Denmark in China, the Danish Cultural Center is dedicated to promoting cooperation and exchange between Danish companies and institutions and China. It is an opportunity to promote the implementation of the project, introduce cultural and human values focused on creativity, learning and innovation, strengthen mutual cultural trust and understanding between the two countries, and jointly promote the development of the arts.

In the name of art, by practicing popular science and looking to the future, Novozymes OneHealth will also focus on life and health and plan more creative and valuable art activities.

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