For a number of Fenix 7 and Forerunner smartwatches, Garmin has released new feature updates

  • 06-December-2023

The complete changelog for Garmin's most recent stable update cycle is now available. In summary, the company began subtly releasing updates for a number of smartwatches last week, including the Forerunner 255, 265, 955, and 965. Firmware version 15.74, which was also distributed to the Epix 2 and Quatix 7, was also pushed to the Fenix 7 by the company.

The compatibility list below indicates which Garmin has released or plans to release updates comparable to those for the Vivoactive 5 and Venu 3. A December 2023 update is also planned for a number of recent cycling computers; however, this will only add support for "Smart Notification Images." Comparatively speaking, the Vivoactive 5 and Venu 3 series have not gotten as many new features as their Forerunner and Fenix equivalents.

Garmin's most recent release schedule does not include the Fenix 6 series or its peers, for whatever reason. New beta builds for these smartwatches are still being provided by the company, though. As a result, it appears that although support is still available for the time being, the Fenix 6 series is developing at a different pace than its successors. The following are listed as "notable features" in Garmin's most recent update package:

Automatically monitor or record naps to discover the potential health benefits and the ideal timing and length of time for them.

Skin Temperature: Use the watch to track changes in your average skin temperature over time. These changes can be attributed to a variety of factors, including recent activity, your sleeping environment, possible illnesses, and more.

Enhancements to Body Battery Energy Monitoring: Receive even more information and individualized perspectives on how stress, sleep, naps, and daily activities particularly affect energy levels. You'll also receive a daily summary every evening that summarizes the energy used during the day.

Wrist-based Running Dynamics: To enhance your running form, measure important running metrics like stride length, ground contact time, and cadence.

Wrist-based Running Power: Adjust training and effort levels in response to the power the body expels during a run.

Ski Activity Enhancement: To obtain a more accurate recording of metrics like heart rate, activity time, and elevation, continuously record an entire activity, even when riding a chairlift and during downhill runs.

Smart Notification Images: Now, users can see photos sent to them straight on their watch screen if they have an Android smartphone that is compatible.

Face It Improvements: Use Face It in the Connect IQ app to add even more data to digital or analog watch faces that can be customized.

Dexcom Watch Face Integration: Users of a Dexcom G6 or G7 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System3 and a compatible Garmin smartwatch can see their glucose levels and trends on the watch face. This is applicable to people with all types of diabetes (Type 1, Type 2, or gestational diabetes).

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