For artist Taydee Marie, music is her all:

  • 03-July-2021

Born on 17th October, Taydee Marie had always been passionate about creating music since the very beginning. Even as a child, she was very enthusiastic about it and wanted to excel in the music industry by creating a special place for herself. After graduating high school, she managed to move to LA so that she could get a chance into making her dreams come true, with a determined mindset like hers, one cannot certainly go wrong under any circumstances. It is often noted that if people have a particular goal in their mind, they must also learn to plan accordingly. Since Taydee Marie moved around a lot as a child, as her parents were in the ministry, she has quite the experience about a lot of places. It cannot be denied that moving around contributed a lot to her personality, and is the reason why she is today the way that she is. Not just gifted, Taydee Marie certainly put in a lot of effort into herself, and a lot of effort into doing the things that she was passionate about.

Normally, an artist is expected to be imaginative, but Taydee Marie is sensitive and emotional in nature too. It isn’t a wrong thing, just that she has been able to be the best version of herself because of these factors.

“I am an introvert, and you can possibly imagine how difficult it is for me to navigate through the music industry at times, especially when I am making use of the social media. People are expected to be very open in their social media platforms, and I do not disagree, but there is obviously a certain emotional barrier that I have to overcome from time and time again to actually be present in my social media platforms. I have always gone through situations by writing a song, and I obviously make use of that here also, and I would have been nowhere today if I didn’t recognise my talent as a songwriter. Then again, I also think that it was necessary for me to reach the certain goals that I had in my life, by actually learning how to scoop up with challenging situations. that is how we learn to grow.” Says Taydee Marie. “Songwriting is obviously my favourite thing in the music industry”

“Music has definitely been the main factor of motivation for me, and no matter what kind of negativity I come across command what kind of challenge I face, music has helped me to get through it and pull myself together. That is the power of music, and that is the power of your beliefs, if you believe that you can do it then you certainly can” says Taydee Marie. “The music industry will not go easy on you, and not that you should expect it to. Whenever I have personally faced any difficulty, instead of reacting on impulse and taking hasty decision I try to internalise and analyse the situation for complete understanding. Jumping to conclusions will not get you anywhere in life, and this goes on for every industry, not just the music industry. The bottom line remains that I can overcome anything by writing a song, that is what stirs me."

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