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  • 24-February-2020

Fortel is that center that is working for so many years now with a very high reputation and credibility. The name of this company is very well known in the construction industry. We offer the laborers that work very well, they are fully trained, the teamwork on the put sourcing as well, and with all of this we make sure that we send the team which has worked with us in the past. Sat Nijjer the owner of Fortel assures that each team is professionally trained to assure that they will handle the projects with perfection.

Even the new employees are first trained and then sent for work. This article is mainly about the services we provide to our clients and the range of projects that our company cover in this filed. Here is the list of the topmost important projects that are the focus of the company. Let us get started with the details now.

1.    Supermarkets

Well, supermarkets are the specialty of the workers Fortel sends to the companies who are looking for them. Although this is very simple and not very much training is needed for preparing the supermarket construction labors, but still, the company makes sure that they are well informed about the task when they reach the client.

2.    Health Centers

Health center construction services are also provided by the Fortel. It is not that they construct them, but they help in doing it. Even if the resources are very few, the trained employees sent from the Fortel are able to bring out as much productivity as you can expect for your project. Hospital construction is way different from the simple construction of homes because there have to a lot more planning for it. So, from a civil engineer who will make the map and work on the different things on paper, the company sends the laborers with them who have very good coordination. So, as a team, they work on the projects of health care centers too.

3.    Motorways and Bridges

For the motorway and bridges construction, a very well-trained team is required. Those people who work in this line know that the kind of expertise and training needed for these people is totally different from what is needed for those who simply build big buildings. Although their work is also crucial, still they are different than this work. So, Fortel is working in this direction of business also, and by training the laborers, it is sending so many of them to the places where they are needed.


Well, we are quite sure that now you must have enough knowledge about the Fortel and what it is doing. They are based mainly in the United Kingdom, while they have many centers world over. You can choose to work with them by hiring their employees in any kind of project that is related to building and construction. Working with Fortel under the management of Sat Nijjer will bring out the best results. It is very simple to get in touch with them because they have a very active online team that work on their official website and gather the requests coming from all places.

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Fortel Services Ltd

Address: 35 Wednesfield Rd, Willenhall WV131AE, United Kingdom

Phone: 1902-603-409


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