Freya is the name of the greek goddess of love and beauty.

  • 20-May-2021

Hot girl summer is just around the corner, and while every girl is hitting the gym and ordering swimsuits, our concern has been to find some sun and water friendly jewelry to dress up our bikinis and highlight our tans. So many brands take on the summer jewelry craze but very few actually sell the ideal pieces that whithstand swimming and drenching yourself in sunscreen. Freyatreasures is one of the few brands that can transition to summer smoothly and offer plenty of choices and great quality. Pool chemicals, sand, tanning oils, sun, ocean water are all factors to consider when picking out your summer jewelry essentials and lucky for us, Freyatreasures hit us to the curb, thought about it all and delivered on its promise to save hot girl summer’s jewelry department. Their 304 stainless steel does a fantastic job in being waterproof and resistant. These treasures truly do not budge and are exceptionally made, you will even be able to keep your jewels for multiple summers without any issue. Therefore, we can safely report that quality-wise, Freyatreasures gets an easy A+. What makes it the go-to summer jewelry brand is the affordable price point, you have the possibility to order a number of pieces for a reasonable price so you can switch them up and play around with your treasures mixing and matching, and enrich your jewelry collection to last you all year long or start one from scratch. The designs are also a winning point as they ooze summer energy and their colors represent fun and adventure. Some of the designs also have deeper meanings connected to greek mythology which gives it even more character. An added bonus is that you get to join the thousands of Freya angels around the world who all rally behind the message of unleashing your inner goddess, and isn’t that what hot girl summer is all about? Something about Freyatreasures really speakes to us, between the female empowerment, fair prices and lovely designs, all we have to say is: Please take all our money

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