LESS LOVE pulls no punches in the new music they are unleashin">

From the red state of Oklahoma, Snow White Trash (Trump's Americans) is the new single by the band LESS LOVE

  • 23-July-2020

LESS LOVE pulls no punches in the new music they are unleashing on the world. Droning noise, distorted guitars, powerful drumming, and angry screaming indicate that this band believes enough is enough. The anti-racism song is the first single from the band's upcoming album Everybody's Somebody's Satan due out December 15th, 2020.

It has been four years since we have heard from LESS LOVE. During that time much has changed. Three members outright quit. Founding member Billy Gro has chosen to move to Moscow, Russia leaving rhythm guitarist Sky Mac alone to steer the ship. "Billy remains a member of the band," Sky assured us. "We just aren't sure how we will make it work, but he does play on the new track. It was recorded prior to his departure."

Always having been the songwriter for the band Sky admits, "I never wanted to sing lead. That is the reason we went through so many singers." And yet despite that reluctance Sky's style of angry vocals is a welcome change to the obnoxiously perfect vox tracks of music today.

The song's lyrics are a relentless representation of the growing burdens of bigotry in the United States. Sky explained, "People want to say they support Trump but they are not a racist. Look at his Fox News interview. Look at how he defends the Confederate flag. Look how he supports traitors that tried to destroy America during the civil war. If you support Trump you support racism."

The song Snow White Trash (Trump's Americans) never tires and never lets up. Not once returning to the tonic this song just keeps you hanging on the edge the entire time. If the modern sludge of less than interesting rock has had your brain in a haze this is the track that will wake you from that trance.

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