Garmin Releases a Milestone Update with new Features and bug fixes for its Aging Flagship Smartwatch

  • 13-April-2024

One of Garmin's more expensive, high-end smartwatches has received a new update. This is the first 19.xx build of any kind for the device, and the new update is arriving as Beta Version 19.09. Thus, in addition to adding support for the Garmin Messenger app, the new software includes several other changes from version 18.22.

After updating the software on the Forerunner 955 to version 18.22 at the beginning of the month, Garmin has resumed work on new features. For your reference, Garmin subsequently described in its March 2024 software roundup—which they have covered separately—the changes that Software Verison 18.22 brought to the Forerunner 955. The company has since switched to 19.xx builds, ending 18.xx development on its stable and beta software branches with v18.22.

In particular, Garmin has released Beta Version 19.09 to begin the 19.xx beta builds. To the best of knowledge, the Garmin Express and Garmin Connect Mobile (GCM) services are not receiving the update automatically from the company. Alternatively, it recommends manually downloading the update through the Forerunner 955's menus as follows:

Beta Version 19.09 reportedly includes 'various UI improvements and fixes' in addition to fixing four specific outstanding bug fixes, according to Garmin's changelog. Regretfully, the latter is still unclear according to the company, as is frequently the case with Garmin stable and beta builds. However, three new features are included in Beta Version 19.09, along with the ability to use GPS to navigate up to the point where your phone and smartwatch lose connection while engaging in an activity. Garmin's changelog for Beta Version 19.09 lists nine changes, for reference.

Enhances accuracy while running by incorporating heart rate dynamic source switching to choose the optimal heart rate data source (chest HRM or watch).

allows the Garmin Messenger app to be used with a glance and app.

adds a glance at the Jet Lag Advisor.

To locate the location where a phone lost connection during an activity, use GPS.

repairs the "Lock On Road" setting that wasn't being respected.

redresses the device's and Connect's inconsistent activity profile ordering.

Resolves sporadic crashes with the music control.

repairs the recurring vibration that alerts users to incoming calls.

several fixes and UI enhancements.

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