Garmin Releases New Software Update with Bug Fixes for Mid-Range Smartwatches

  • 20-June-2024

For the first time in a long time, Garmin has recently updated the Instinct 2 beta. Still, only minor adjustments are made to the Instinct 2 and Instinct 2S, as well as the larger Instinct 2X and Instinct Crossover, in Beta Version 16.06.

Lately, Garmin's beta program has been remarkably silent. This may be more applicable to the Instinct 2 series than to many other Garmin smartwatches that are now supported, such the Fenix 6 and Fenix 7 models. More specifically, Beta Version 16.02 is the sole beta version that Garmin has provided in the last two months.

The most current stable update for the Instinct 2 series is still v15.08. The following modifications from v15.08, according to Garmin, are made by Beta Version 16.06, which the firm has recently released.

Collective Change Record:

A bug where the time did not update appropriately on the Battery Saver watch face has been fixed.

The problem that occurred when the Health Monitoring app was used and the inReach screen appeared was resolved.

The activity summary page's potential for data to be hidden has been fixed.

Fixed a bug that could have caused the morning report page's high and low temperatures to crop.

A bug where the Bouldering rest timer could end abruptly has been fixed.

A fix was implemented for the potential truncation of the Strength activity timer.

Resolved a problem wherein the Sight' N Go hot key would not work when the activity was running.

Change log exclusive to Instinct 2/2s/2X:

The Watch Face menu's CIQ watch face problem has been resolved.

Having said that, Beta Version 16.06 differs little from Beta Version 16.02, its direct predecessor, save in little ways. In particular, Garmin reports that a problem affecting the use of the Sight' N Go button on all Instinct 2 series smartwatches when not in use has been fixed. A bug patch for an ongoing problem with CIQ watch faces in the Watch Face menu should have also been applied to all devices save the Instinct Crossover (now $449.99 on Amazon). To learn more, kindly go to Garmin's forum thread.

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