Garmin Unveils Update Addressing Bug Fixes for Flagship Forerunner Smartwatch

  • 22-April-2024

The flagship Forerunner smartwatch from Garmin has received a new, stable update. The update, which can be downloaded right now, is much less modified than a recent beta version that Garmin released for the same gadget.

The Forerunner 965 (currently $579 on Amazon) is still the most expensive Forerunner wristwatch made by Garmin, but it has received a new stable update. Recap: Various changes from Garmin's final 17.xx build were included in Software Version 18.22, which was released at the beginning of March.

But the earlier model came with a flaw that led to the crash of some Forerunner 965 smartwatches; this was quickly fixed with a hotfix using Software Version 18.23.

Garmin has now released Software Version 18.26 via its reliable software distribution channel once more. Software Version 18.26 differs from Software Version 18.23 in very few ways, as indicated by its revision number. By the way, the former is also devoid of numerous enhancements that Garmin added to Beta Version 19.09, which was released earlier in the month.

According to Garmin's forum post, Software Version 18.26 focuses on resolving outstanding bugs associated with its Connect IQ services. On the one hand, the company's changelog reports that the new update fixes a problem that could degrade Connect IQ application performance upon ending a USB connection.

Moreover, Software Version 18.26 should contain numerous other Connect IQ bug fixes and improvements. Unfortunately, Garmin has not specified what these are at this stage. Please see the company's forum post for more details.

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