Google Chrome for Android is testing an extreme change in its Google Search interface

Google Chrome for Android is testing an extreme change in its Google Search interface

Google may have retired perhaps the most expected Chrome features — Duet — however the organization is as yet working on switching around small amounts and pieces to make it simpler to navigate the mobile browser. Probably the most recent trial has been spotted by 9to5Google, which reports that a new flag moves Google Search into a carousel below the address bar, giving you fast access to different results.

The feature is constrained by a Continuous Search Navigation flag (chrome://flags/#continuous-search). Whenever you’ve initiated it and restarted your program, you can begin any Google search by means of the address bar to look at it. You’ll initially be taken to the recognizable Google search page, however when you tap a result, you’ll notice Chrome’s top bar developing and adding a carousel of the results below your address bar. You can look through it evenly and tap results to change to another site on the fly, without returning to your outcomes first. To return to the outcome outline, you can tap a Google symbol on the left of the carousel. The interface can be excused by tapping the x button on the right.

The flag is live in the steady release of Chrome, as well, yet it just truly sparkles in Chrome Canary 93. The implementation is significantly more simple in the steady version, where you can’t dismiss the carousel and you can’t get back to the search results by means of a single tick — you’ll need to navigate back until you hit the search results again.

Like with any hidden interface change, it stays not yet clear if Google truly gets through with it. The organization could decide to scrap this search results layout altogether or get it to the browser in a refined form at some point.

You can download the most recent Canary release on the Play Store or over at APK Mirror, in the event that you want to attempt the advanced version of the result carousel for yourself.

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