Google Clock bug implies some Android clients are sleeping through their alarms

Google Clock bug implies some Android clients are sleeping through their alarms

On the off chance that the Google Clock application on your Android phone hasn’t been shouting out and awakening you throughout the previous few days, you’re in good company – a lot of disappointed clients have detailed the bug, which is by all accounts somewhat far and wide.

As announced in a few spots, including Android Authority, there’s currently a Reddit string on the issue, and the application posting on the Google Play Store is getting hit by a great deal of one-star surveys that notice cautions not ringing when they ought to.

What’s not satisfactory is by and large what the bug may be identified with: certain individuals’ issues appear to be connected with utilizing a Spotify playlist as a caution, or with their phone’s Do Not Disturb settings, yet for other people, that doesn’t give off an impression of being the situation.

The issues appear to be fundamentally identified with Pixel phones, with an assortment of models influenced. In any case, clients who have the Google Clock introduced on phones from different producers are likewise tolling in to say they’ve been influenced.

Android Police reports that a Reddit post from Google’s Pixel Community account makes reference to a fix: “We’ve identified a fix and will roll it out soon” peruses the message, which additionally suggests not utilizing Spotify as the alert sound.

Using one of the default on-device sounds seems to solve the issue for certain clients, yet not others. There’s additionally a string on Issue Tracker about the bug, which expresses that the item and designing groups at Google are investigating it.

With a large number of us depending on our phones to get up toward the beginning of the day (or some other time in the day), this is a more serious issue than it may at first have all the earmarks of being. Google and Spotify do basically hope to have worked rapidly to sort out the thing may be going on.

At the hour of composing, we’re actually looking out for a full fix for the issue to be carried out. Meanwhile, there are a lot of free outsider morning timer applications for Android on the Google Play Store, which you ought to have the option to use with no issues.

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